Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Ask the Universe

I found this quote today...

...posted by a friend who, like me is a lonely lady hoping to find a new man.  So far she has kissed a couple of frogs (as I understand it) but still not found her Prince.

Another friend told me that her philosophy was to ask the Universe (and she IS sane) for the answer and wait patiently - which is much the same as 'promised' in the quote.

Now this is not an easy thing, because there is no easy answer to being lonely. It's not just a question of being with someone, or in a group of people - in fact it is often in a group that I feel the most lonely, especially when everyone else is there with their partner.  They all split up in twos and threes and go home and I wander off to my car and go back to my empty house.

Sometimes I feel that the times of chatter and laughter just intensify the other times, when there is no-one but the cat to talk to.  And she's not very good at the responses unless the subject is a just-opened tin of tuna!

I had the most amazing love and he is not here any more. I find it hard to believe that I will ever have it again.

So I do try to share my heart - which I take to mean being kind to people and trying to help if there is a need - but it does seem like a long and lonely road...

Monday, 22 May 2017

Sub Rosa

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Sub rosa
The Latin phrase sub rosa means "under the rose", and is used in English to denote secrecy or confidentiality, similar to the Chatham House Rule. The rose as a symbol of secrecy has an ancient history.Wikipedia


Sub Rosa

I have more pictures of this rose than I can count, but still I'm taking more.  Why?  It's a phenomenal sight, and is so scented it's a delight to sit in the Blue Bench garden and breathe in the perfume.

Even if you can't see the view any more...

But if I don't get my mower back soon I won't be able to see the view anyway - the grass is already about 30cm high...

Strimmer needed

They said the part would arrive last Saturday and they will ring me this afternoon, but this is France...

Sunday, 21 May 2017

And Another Open Garden

Today I made good use of my subscription to the Open Gardens Scheme here in France, and I went to 3 gardens.

It was hot and sunny but cooled down a bit in the afternoon, and all the gardens were lovely!

I went to this one first:

...then on to this one...

and, finally, to one which was practically next door... (where I actually took some photos) but they are on my iPhone and I can't port them over to my PC grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Anyhow, all the gardens were lovely and I'll be going to more, there's no doubt.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Garden Open Day

Today my friend Zoe had her garden open for

Here are some pictures I took:

Zoe's potager viewed from the garden

Field view from Zoe's garden

Zoe's Potager

Cute lamb at Zoe's

Zoe and her husband raise sheep and Zoe is having the wool spun for sale...

Zoe's wool

Friday, 5 May 2017

Looking For the Summer

Mornings are still cold - though this afternoon we are promised a temperature of 22 degrees!

I have been clearing a long bed of weeds - not an easy task.

Long border 2

 That's what comes of leaving it too long.  I could barely find my Lily-of-the-Valley and they had been swamped by the grass and nettles...

Lily of the Valley

The rose hedge has got very leggy and is not much of a hedge now...

Rose Hedge

...I suppose I should have pruned it years ago. After the flowers are over this year, I'll cut it down to hedge height and hope it recovers.  It has two choices.

I now have only a couple of metres left to weed - this is the next bit...

Next to weed

...and this is the last bit - up to my neighbour's (holiday home) fence...

Last bit to weed

We had a very heavy and unseasonal frost about a week ago that caught a lot of things that were shooting, and completely destroyed the begonia in my hanging basket.  It was looking like this...

Hanging basket

...and now it looks like this...

Frosted begonia 1

But in the Blue Bench garden, things were a bit more protected and the French rose is flowering well...

French Rose

...and the David Austen rose The Rambling Rector is about to burst into bloom...

Rambling Rector

Cinders, my cat, has settled in well, and often accompanies me around the garden.  She knows how to trim the grass...

Cinders in May

... though she's not a very diligent worker...

Camera Shy in May

Friday, 21 April 2017

New Chairs for Old

Where was that from?

In the Arabian folk-tale, "Aladdin and the Wonderrful Lamp", a poor boy discovers a magic lamp, which brings him riches. A wicked sorcerer steals the lamp, by offering "New Lamps for Old" to Aladdin's servant, a poor bargain since the old one was priceless; hence Kipling's title. Aladdin succeeds in slaying the sorcerer and recovering the lamp, so all ends well for him.

Well, that's the only reference I can find, so I suppose that must be what I was thinking of.

Anyway, I digress, because I actually wanted to show you my chairs.

And I can already hear my son's voice in my head saying "What chairs?"

To which the answer is - Wotcha mate!   ... amid gales of laughter...

Anyway, pick yourself up and look at the picture!

Director's chairs finished

So here they are.  I haven't touched them for over 10 years, always meaning to recover them, but never getting round to it.  I put them into my little sale a couple of weeks ago but no-one was interested, so I thought I MUST recover them and see how it goes.  Now I can probably sell them next time I have a sale.

I think, next time, I will have a Barn Sale at the La Tache house or the Le Dorat apartment - always supposing they haven't sold in the meantime.  So I want to do up some furniture and odds and ends and see how that kind of thing sells. 
Seems to go all right for the presenters on 'Money For Nothing', but they are selling in Loondon at high prices and using professional people to fix and re-purpose things (at a huge cost, usually) whereas here there is just me doing the work, and no rich people to turn up and buy stuff.

Heigh-Ho, let's see how it goes anyway!

I made enough this time to do the work in the garden that I wanted but, unfortunately, I now have a bill to pay for servicing and mending the mower and the car is due for its CT (MOT in the UK) in a couple of months time and needs a thorough service before that.  So, nothing will happen in the garden!

Still, the garden looks pretty good anyway, even without those edging stones...

Garden view

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Missing You

On this day, in 2006 you left me.

I know you didn't want to - you were only 45 - but fate decreed otherwise. A piece of fat that, unknown to you, had been deposited as a lining inside your heart, broke off and bloked your aorta. Not the conventional heart attack, but fatal all the same.

We had 22 years together, happy years, and I still miss you every day.