Sunday, 11 August 2019

What Can The Matter Be

Oh Dear!

You've probably guessed already what happened.

I was in the kitchen, making greengage jam, watching the bread machine which was nearly finished, and waiting for the washing machine to stop spinning and let me hang the curtains out in the (now) sunny garden.

I put the curtains in the washing basket and headed to the front door.  I thought I'd better tell Roy where I was going, in case he had another disaster in the painting of the little bedroom upstairs.  The last one was about an hour ago when he lifted the stepladder a touch too high as he was moving it and swiped the faux oil lamp fitting, which promptly shed its opal glass shade which bounced off the top of the ladder and then hit Roy full in the mouth before shattering on the floor.

After making sure he had no  permanent damage I swept up the shards of glass and work resumed.

As I said - that was about an hour ago...

So, I shouted up the stairs that I was going into the garden to hang out the washing and an unintelligible mumble was the only response.  'What did you say?'' I shouted.

'I'm stuck in the toilet' he shouted back.

'Stuck in the toilet? What do you mean' I shouted as I went up the stairs.

'I was in here and inadvertently pushed the door to and, as I had taken off the handles, it shut tight and could not be opened.'

'So how can I open it?' I asked.

'Get the handle and the bar that's on the sink and you can open it.'

Which, ultimately, is what I did and released the poor guy.

He had been stuck in there for a quarter of an hour, waiting for the washing machine to stop so that I could hear him shouting and banging on the door to try and get my attention.

Maybe we don't need that sound-deadening insulation after all...🤣

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Hot, hot, hot.

So, another hot day. Yesterday was 40 degrees C and today was 38. It is impossible to do anything either outside or inside. It's so tiring even just watering the garden in the evening☹️ Tomorrow is forecast to continue the same with 34 degrees.

At least Roy is a lot better.  We went to see the surgeon today and he confirmed that the hip implant was OK.  Such a relief and Roy has been off the painkillers today so that must be good!

With the hospital visit an hour's drive away the day was half gone by the time we got home again, but we did get to visit a hummongous Auchan supermarket in Poitiers and I'll certainly be going there again.  Such a change from the little local places, it reminded me of one I went to in Paris...

Anyway, we did get to plant, or rather half-plant a clematis, but the soil is soooo hard we couldn't knock in the metal stand without a lump hammer, which we don't have here☹️

So at present it is leaning against the wall...

Tomorrow I'll be driving back to the other house again to water the plants and try and tidy up etc so I can bring back the lump hammer and complete the job😊

Saturday, 20 July 2019

Hip Hip but no Hooray

Well. Roy has had his new hip almost 2 months now but all is not going swimmingly☹️

In fact, far from swimming, he still cannot even walk more than a few steps and is in almost constant pain. This may be partly due to the fall he had about a month ago, getting out of the rather awkward little bath we have here in the new house, which left the hip swollen and badly bruised but not, so the doctor at A and E told us, damaged. Anyway, we have a rendezvous with his surgeon this coming Wednesday and, hopefully he will give us some guidance as to why Roy is having such a hard time of it.

On a lighter note, I brought the cat,  Cinders, over this morning. An hour and twenty minutes of a journey to the continual loud yowling of a cat who surely has a large amount of Siamese in her heritage! But she seems to have settled down well...

and has even had a short tour (accompanied) of the garden🙂

Tomorrow there is a big Brocante around the little lake in the village.

I think it may be hard work for Roy on his crutches, but there  is a Buvette where he can sit and enjoy a glass of wine while I trundle round snapping up the bargains😁

I'll let you know how it goes.  The only problem is that the weather is forecast to be very hot which is not good for walking round.  I think we'll go early😁

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Requiem for an Old Friend

See that silver car on the right? On the day this picture was taken, she went to that big scrapyard in the sky.
Well, actually the scrapyard not far from our current home in Les Granges. 😢
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That car has given me faithful service over 13 years and about 300.000 kilometers. She was an old friend and I miss her.
We almost got home on the day she gave up the fight, but fortunately Roy was following me in his car (the one on the left) and was able to tow me home.
Yesterday the young guy from the breakers yard came and took her to her last resting place.
Adieu lovely car.

Thursday, 14 March 2019

A Hint of Dead Mouse

I've got a cold so I'm just sitting in the living room with the log burner blazing away, keeping warm. It's the tail end of the cold (I hope) and I have regained my sense of smell.  Which is unfortunate.  Because I now realise that the room has a distinct smell, and despite the fact that I am making little hanging hearts filled with lavender...

...the smell is decidely NOT lavender.

In fact, the smell is definitely not floral in any way - unless the flower is Deadly Nightshade.

But the DEAD bit is correct. I'm pretty sure the smell is dead mouse - although it could be dead vole - or dead lizard. I found a lizard tail on the floor the other day, so it could be the rest of that reptile!

Meanwhile I'll continue with the lavender hearts and leave the  search for the cadaver until later!

Friday, 8 March 2019

Wedding News

Well, the wedding went off very well.  The hotel was good, the Company was even better and a good time was had by all.

My grandaughter and grandson were my bridesmaid and ring bearer...

... and all in all it was an unforgettable day.

Monday, 4 February 2019

Coming up Roses

You may not know, but love is in the air.  And I don't mean Valentines Day. In fact, a week after Valentines is a special event for me.  I'm getting married.

Yes, I know it's rather late in my life, but I've been on my own now for 13 years and it's been a bit lonely.

In the Spring of last year I met a lovely man and he has asked me to marry him and I've said yes😊.

So we're getting married on the 21st February, which is not long now...

Being a crafty lady (handicrafts that is) I decided I would make my own wedding bouquet after seeing this video...

Of course, it all looked fairly easy on the video...

You've guessed! It was not actually that easy. Firstly, I live in a very rural part of France without access to lots of lovely fabric shops, so the material I managed to find was actually some polyester sheer curtains.  There are lots of those out here. 

But they were not ideal for this project. 

You see, the flowers in the video were made by holding the cut shapes over a tea light until the material curled in the heat and looked like petals. Mine, unfortunately, curled a bit, but also melted a bit so that the petals resembled a flower that had been visited and eaten by a malicious insect. Some actually caught fire and the whole petal was consumed in a fraction of a second.

Also, the material was so slippery that I found it impossible to cut out a circle shape and the 'flowers' were all kinds of weird shapes.

However, I did persevere and eventually produced something that vaguely resembled a rose, albeit that it resembled more a blowsy peony that had been blown about by the wind...

Well, that had taken most of the day, so I decided to go back to my 'easy' craft - crochet - and have a go at making some roses that way.

it was much easier!

i don't know how many flowers I'll need, or if they'll turn OK.  If not, It'll be off to the local florist on the way to the Registry Office!