Wednesday, 4 July 2007

July 4th

Not sure what happened to yesterday - too cold and wet to take any photos!

But today has not been as bad - some hot, sunny periods, but also sudden torrential showers. Things are moving here now, however. I have managed to register and insure the car. I should get my Carte Grise in about 10 days time, and I think that then I have to change the number plates. Nobody has actually said anything about that, but I'm sure that's what it must be all about, as the insurance lady told me on Monday that they could not insure a car with English plates. I guess that the Carte Grise will tell me my registration. When I get it I have to take it to the insurance place and the Controle Technique station, so they can revise my details.

Also, Rob, the gardener arrived this morning, as promised, and has made a start on clearing the front garden. It already looks loads better.

I also managed to get to the tip today, and when I got back, the workmen had just about finished dismantling the well. Tomorrow they will come and finish that job, and after that M Ganteuil can come and put in the fosse septique. The first step to sanitation and plumbing - hooray!!!!

They have put the pallet over the well (which is full to the top) just in case a wandering dog (or even me) should fall in overnight!

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