Wednesday, 21 November 2007

21st November

It's been a lovely, warm day today, but it's cold by contrast, this evening, so I got out the handwarmers that Pez sent me and ... they're great!!!!! They warm up immediately, are not too hot to hold in your hand or rest in your lap, and stay hot for AGES.

I didn't get far with the sock I started yesterday - IT'S SO BORING!!!!!! I really thought I would like to do socks, but this one has taken hours to do a couple of inches and, honestly, it just doesn't seem worth the effort. Seems to me like this is one time when machines really can come into their own... I started knitting a Christmas cardigan for Molly. It is a glitter yarn from Eco Gem - in 4 ply. Brown, with a sort of greenish glitter thread in it. I think she will look very Christmassy in it!

You can't see the colour very well here - I'll post another photo taken in the daylight - perhaps when it is a bit nearer completion.

I have my second French lesson tomorrow - it's a good job my verb book arrived today - along with the new Harry Potter, so you can guess which one I'm reading tonight!

Also in Eco Gem I bought an exercise book for my lessons. Amazingly, the daisies in it are real ones - encapsulated in the plastic of the cover! And still only 1.60 Euros (and it's A4 and really thick).

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