Friday, 2 November 2007

Red Cross Parcel

Hello folks! I got a red cross parcel today - from my lovely brother, Pez and his wife Sharon. Thank you, thank you - it's GREAT getting parcels!

This video shows you some of the wonderful stuff that was in it:

He also sent me the audio book Chocolat, which I'm looking forward to listening to (love Joanne Harris' books) and some long johns! I never thought I would be so excited at the prospect of donning long johns and a thermal vest - must be my age!


Jason Fist said...

That is brilliant! What a great package, extremely thoughtful.

Jason Fist said...

Actually, just a word about embedding films in your blog. I always find it better to upload them first, and then use their ready-made HTML code (they have a full-screen option which makes the window less tiny).

Try it!