Tuesday, 18 March 2008

18th March 2008

A sunny day today, but the wind is icy and it's been quite gusty. Seems the peach and cherry will have to wait a little bit longer before I can plant them, as the wind blows across the garden and I don't think they'll settle in happily in these conditions.

Hyper U - Montmorillon

I went into Montmorillon today because a friend had bought some great yarn at the Hyper U there. I went round and round the supermarket but couldn't see it. I asked a girl and she said it was with the textiles and gestured to the opposite side of the store. I went over and could barely find the textiles ! - A stack of pillows on promotion and almost nothing else. Certainly no giant balls of yarn. So I asked someone else and she said it would be with the clothes. So off I went (I had already been round the clothes) but no sign of it. Eventually I asked a third lady and she said they didn't have any. I said my friend had bought this huge ball, and she said yes, they had had some, but it was on promo and was all gone now! I'm not sure I'll be doing much more shopping at Hyper U!

Still - they did have plants, at quite reasonable prices and I bought a shrub I had never heard of before - Prunus Triloba. They had one that was full out in flower (would have been over by the time I got it home) and it looked really pretty. Just have to acclimatise it gradually, before subjecting it to the windy garden.

The camellia I bought in Aldi in Confolens has opened three more flowers, and seems quite happy outside.

I hope this cold weather doesn't last much longer as I'm pretty well out of wood now. I could cut some more up from outside, but it's very wet as we've had so much rain in the last few days.
Here's my sad, empty woodstore!

Still, at least the cold weather means that there is a clear view over the valley to the Monts de Blond.

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