Friday, 21 March 2008

21st March 2008

The Builders Have Gone!

So - I told them to cancel everything... and then I changed my mind and decided it was all so near being finished I might as well hang on. Mr Virondeau came to see me and was sweetness personified - said he understood how I felt, and would cancel the sink and worktop if I really wanted, but that was the only thing left to do... so I said I would still have it. Seems I can't keep my mind made up for more than a few minutes! But I think that's the best thing, the worktop is natural wood, and the sink is a square white one - both of which are what I wanted. And I would only have to wait longer if I ordered them myself and had to find another person to fit them. But I did insist the big box came down and the wall certainly looks much better without it.

All the rest of the work is finished and Jean Luc will only be back when the sink arrives. Meanwhile I can get on with the decorating. I'm going to point the wall and plaster it with a wet plaster mixture, brushed on. It'll go on the pipes as well, so that everything blends in. Then I'm moving a dresser in, which will hold my crockery.

I've been able to move the cooker onto the brick wall between the two rooms - although I'm going to plaster that wall in the same way, but at least everything is in more or less the right place now.

The room seems much bigger and - for the first time in a very long time - I've been able to wash the floor! I'm thinking of stacking the fridge and freezer too, probably where the cooker is now, and then I'll have room for a cupboard to hold food! The dryer will go into the dependances, where I can use it if I need to (although I haven't used it in the past year) as soon as there is electricity in there.

I bought a second wall-mounting tap and Jean Luc fitted it for me yesterday - so I now have hot and cold running water! Still no waste outlet, so I have to tip the bowl contents into a bucket and throw it outside every so often, but that's a minor inconvenience.

Seems like things are moving on at last!

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