Thursday, 22 May 2008

22nd May 2008

Camelot Cottage

Today has been another warm and sunny day, despite all the forecasts of colder weather leading into the weekend, rain and storms. The clouds are gathering now, so maybe there'll be rain in the night - just enough to water the garden - and herald another lovely day tomorrow. Welcome to Camelot Cottage! (In the autumn I expect all the leaves to fall into neat little piles and then blow away - at night, of course).

Sheep and Buttercups

On my perambulations today I was struck by the bucolic image of sheep in a field of buttercups, almost up to their shoulders. Normally they run away when I try and take a photo, but this pair just stared...

Molly's Cardigan

I am knitting another cardigan for Molly - hope she still has space in her wardrobe - in a bright mixture yarn. The body is finished and the sleeves started. I'm cleverly doing both at once so I don't have to match up shapings etc.

Using a circular needle is quite new to me, but it is easier than I expected - a lot easier to carry the work around, as it bends!

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