Saturday, 24 May 2008

24th May - again!

Went to the supermarkets at St. Junien this afternoon. I'm looking at prices of white goods for the kitchen. So far I've looked in the very local little supermarkets at Bellac (nothing there) and the Hyper U at Montmorillon - lots of great stuff, but probably too far away for them to deliver. In St. Junien there are 2 hypermarkets - E.Leclerc and Carrefour. Carrefour had what I wanted and can deliver for 15 euros, so it looks as if I will be going there for:

  • The fridge-freezer (need to free up some space by having a new 2-in-1 unit)
  • The microwave (the old one lost a wheel from the turntable about 6 months ago and apparently spares are no longer available, and now the timer knob - which is also the on switch - has sheared off its spindle, so the only way to use the machine is by pressing the Reheat button, which gives 3 mins on full power)
  • The cooker (the oven only has one shelf and is not big enough for another one, and also so small that it cannot take more than one item at a time. Thus I can no longer make my own bread in anything but a one-loaf quantity at a time, which is very frustrating!)
I bought a couple of baguettes while I was there and, at the till, I was given a fresh rose, as it's Mothers' Day here tomorrow!

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