Thursday, 1 May 2008

The First of May

What a gay day, the first of May, sunshine abounds - it's a holiday!

Well, I never said poetry was my strong point, although fiction obviously is. Here's a little video of the actual weather today:

Really, I'm a little tired of telling you that it's raining... ...and even more tired of living here in it! So I've been surfing the Net for something interesting to do, instead of the painting that Jason keeps nagging me about, or the gardening (which is not the best thing to try and do in the rain) or clearing out my end room and taking off the crumbling plaster ready for insulating... and I found this:

Apparently my mind is green... (probably mould)!

1 comment:

quiltinbysea said...

Thanks for sharing the link to mind colour, apparently my mind is orange, must be because I'm up early, (4.30a.m.) and its waiting for the sunrise. Hard Yakka putting all those plants into the ground.