Friday, 13 June 2008

13th June 2008

So now it's morning, and I look out of my bedroom window at 7 am, and what do I see? Cows! Well, to be precise, only one, but it was in the garden again. So much for the yellow rope!

I put on my dressing gown and ran downstairs and out into the garden; the cow looked up - mildly interested in all the commotion, but not bothered enough to stop sampling my gladioli.

As I opened the back door and went out into the garden, remonstrating loudly, it gave me a soulful look and jumped over the fence (yes the rope was still there, but almost on the floor now and rather muddy and one concrete fence post was complete loose and almost flat on the ground)! Obviously this place was a favoured way of gaining entry!

My only quick solution was to re-tie the rope (slightly higher up) and then I hung some old CDs on it in the hope that this would put the cows off.

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