Thursday, 24 July 2008

Kitchen Cupboards

Today the carpenter came to do the wall in the kitchen and put up the cupboards.

First he had to put in some pieces of timber to create a framework to attach the cupboards to, as the wall was too fragile. He clad the framework with wood (it's called lambris over here), and that's as far as he got, today. He may not be back tomorrow, but hopes to be, and will come Saturday at any rate, and possibly Monday too, if required.

This is what the wall looks like now - and the kitchen seems lighter already!

Yes, I know it's a bit 70s BUT I DON'TCARE!!!!!!!

Blue Butterfly

I was clearing some brambles when I noticed this little butterfly clinging to one of the leaves in the wheelbarrow...

Sweet, isn't it!

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Miles Away In France said...

I love butterfly's.

Racheal x