Thursday, 21 August 2008

French Conversation

Today was my last French Conversation lesson in Montmorillon. A beautiful place, and the café where the lessons took place has this view:

...but there are some lessons starting in September in Le Dorat, so I'm hoping to go there, on a Tuesday afternoon. They will be at a café called La Maison Bleue.

It's the place with the blue façade and the blue blind, next to the cinema.

I really like Le Dorat, and it is getting better and better, with new businesses opening and houses and apartments being renovated. It's in a good position as there is a train service to Limoges and Poitiers and getting to Paris is easy - you just change at Poitiers. Apparently, there are plans for the TGV to come through, and it would be great if it would make a stop here!

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Jason Fist said...


So you think TGV trains will stop at Le Dorat? You know that they hardly stop anywhere, which is why they get everywhere so quickly?

Montauban is still going to be a stop for the new TGV to Toulouse, but essentially only because there's a big military installation in the town and the Caylus camp nearby.

Hope you have some soldiers in Le Dorat to convince the government that it's an essential stop! I'm not sure they will just do it for the Hinge & Bracket guest house... ;-)