Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Garden Work etc

I have worked hard today - in the house and in the garden. You may have guessed that Sandra was here painting and that always inspires me to do some work too.

Firstly I finished off the lambris wall in the kitchen:

Then I started on the garden... there was lots to do and the weather was good. It took a long time and it was back-breaking work (and I'll almost certainly suffer for it tomorrow) but I cleared the top end of the terrace and under the abri. I found a stone slab which I think is part of a path to the outside toilet...

I also planted some more irises that have been in pots for the last couple of years and tidied up the flower bed a bit...

You can see that one iris has big fat buds on. That's because it has compensated for me knocking off all its flowers in the Spring... what a cutie!

Oh - I forgot to mention that I sanded down some of a door I stripped last week - the interesting thing is that, under the paint, some writing is clearly visible. I can make out the word 'Gajoubert' but not the rest. I expect it's the name of the customer, but I have no history of the house other than that a Madame Delayrat lived here many years ago, and I found a brass nameplate with 'C Gouze' on. None of that seems to help.

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Jason Fist said...

Love the new blog header! Lovely photo.