Friday, 12 September 2008

Lending Out a House

Yesterday a French friend rang - her mother urgently needed some temporary accommodation and she wondered if my house in La Tache was available. I took her and her husband over to see the house this morning and they loved it. They want to move in her mother as soon as possible. She has had a hard time of it just lately and needs some R & R. La Tache is a good place for that - in a quiet, pretty hamlet but very close to a thriving village with all necessary shops and services.

This is the house:

Cosmos Field

On the way home I passed this field - a glorious riot of colour - filled with Cosmos. Such pretty colours and delicate-looking plants (although they are really quite sturdy)

...and here's a close up for you:

...and the colours are so like those of a little bag I'm just in the middle of crocheting!

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Jason Fist said...

That field looks great! Do you think it's natural or sown?