Friday, 7 November 2008


I can't believe I haven't written about all the shopping I've done in the last few days! Just shows how busy I've been.

  • I've shopped on the Internet for a new settee from Ikea and it's being delivered sometime around November 23rd.

  • I've shopped for a new woodburner and it's being delivered (and hopefully fitted) next week.
  • I've shopped for a new chest freezer, which will be delivered with the woodburner.
  • I've been to Chateauroux to pay for the wood for my shelving and also bought all the light fittings for the house!

I'm back home now - exhausted!

1 comment:

I love France said...

hello ive just found your blog
you are doing really well with your house
we own a house in moulismes ten minutes by car from montmorillon. im sure you have drove through there on your travels.
we dont live in france its a retirement project for us.
we love it over there.