Saturday, 13 December 2008

More on Those Kitchen Cupboards

Yeah, yeah, what was that I heard you say - I'll soon be using those cupboards? Just paint the interior in the morning ("It'll be dry in an hour and you can give the doors a quick coat...") said my friend Debra. Well, Debra, guess I just don't move fast enough. I did the interior this morning and it took pretty well all the rest of the emulsion I had and a couple of hours of my time, what with washing out the brushes and all..

I felt I deserved lunch out after that! on my way home - much later, and in driving sleet, I bought some wax for the shelves and waxed those when I got back.
According to the instructions, they should be left for 2 hours before buffing with a soft cloth, so that neatly takes me to dinner time, and now it's a bit late to be thinking of painting the doors. Anyway there's a lot of preparation to be done there, such as getting the old paint off the glass, and I think that will be a long, boring job.

Also, the weather is not too promising, and the power keeps going off and leaving me in the dark, so I think the doors will have to wait till another day!

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Debra in France said...

Hi Penny, good on you for painting the inside, it looks great. Now you can start filling up those shelves.

Hasn't it been a crappy day today. I was going to go to the glove factory in St Junien, but put up my xmas tree instead. The furthest I got from the house was the chicken coup!! Hope it pick up tomorrow for the Foire aux Chapon.