Friday, 19 December 2008

New Wardrobe!

Today the new wardrobe arrived! A little later than they had said (about an hour) so there was quite a bit of waiting around from when Ian got here (9am) to when he could start with the wardrobe (about 10.30). The paper said 2 men, 1.5 hours, but that was a masterly understatement. It took about an hour to identify the pieces and sort all the fixings! Anyway, it's all done now and looks lovely.
Inside there is hanging space on the left (2 doors) and on the right: shelves (1 door).
Baby Car Seat

The kind that goes in any car, for a baby - not a seat for a Twingo.

I've spent all day, on and off, trying to put new elastic in the cover, so that it fits on the seat. The old elastic was the thin rubber kind that was not wrapped in cotton or anything; had perished and would not come out of the channel sewn into the seat for it. This made it very difficult to thread the new stuff through, as it kept snagging on the old perished rubber. I used about 6 safety pins, each one bending or the point popping out and snagging, so I had to unpick a little of the stitching to replace the pin each time.

Clearing the middle room
I haven't done anything at all on this today, but hopefully I'll get some more done over the weekend. It's actually not as bad as it looks - not too much more to sort and then the boxes can be moved out into the dependances...

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Debra in France said...

Hi, the new wardrobe looks wonderful, and what a nice surprise for it to come before christmas. The instructions that come with those things are always very optimistic. It takes ages just checking that you have got all the bits! You have done so well in all your clearing. The middle room looks much more spacious with the furniture changed round. Can't wait to see it. Debra x