Friday, 5 December 2008

A Very Frustrating Friday

It started badly....

I was expecting IKEA to deliver my new sofa this morning - the man said between 8am and 11.30am. I got up in good time, but no-one came. At 10 to 9 I discovered 3 messages on my ansafone from the delivery man - all within minutes of each other - left at 7am!!!!!!!!!!

I couldn't ring the number he said because a recorded message informed me it was only available 'in office hours - 9 -12 and 3 - 5'. Actually it was 10 past 9 before anyone answered.

The lady put me through to the same man I had spoken to on Monday, who had told me the delivery time. He gave me the van driver's mobile....

....when I spoke to the van driver he informed me he had been there at 7 am but no-one answered the phone! I told him I had been promised delivery between 8 and 11.30 but he wouldn't listen. He was adamant that I would have to ring the office and arrange delivery for next week. Now I have already had two goes at getting this sofa delivered, so I wasn't very happy at this, and said so. I then rang the man at the office, who was pretty unhelpful.. He said he knew all this - he had spoken to the driver etc.... eventually, after a few choice words in my best French, he said he would ring me back. After an hour, I rang him...

The lady who answered told me the van was on its way back to me and, minutes after I had put the phone down, the van driver rang. He said he would be with me in one hour.

When he turned up he was pretty pissed off - and that made two of us! He kept on saying he had been at my house at 7am and no-one was there to answer his phone call, and it wasn't his fault etc. I said I had been there, but asleep in bed, which did not seem to appease him. He and his colleague dumped the order in the kitchen, although I made them take the main, heavy, part into the living room. All the time he kept up a constant moan that it was not his fault, there was no time written on the docket etc. He even said you could see his tyre marks from the earlier visit! Odd, that, as he had to ask me (on the phone) to come out of the house so he knew where the house was!

Anyway, the sofa is here now, at last. And here it is.

Kitchen Cupboards

Day 3 - lots of progress - Ian has fitted the doors, as you can see. It really looks good now.
When they're painted to match the wood on the other side of the kitchen, they'll look really good!

Sorting Boxes

Most days I try to sort through some of the boxes and decide what things I can really live without. Trouble is - in France there are no charity shops so it's hard to get rid of stuff that is really too good to just take down the tip. Anyway, once again, I found some interesting photos from some years ago - such as this one of Tor and Giles in front of her white beetle when she had covered it in cut-out daisies to see if it would look good painted like that!
...and this one of me being silly with some lampshades...

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