Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Billy No-Mates

Yep, that's me...

My friend, who was coming to stay today has decided not to come... nobody loves me, boo hoo...

Well, actually, to be fair, she has a stinking cold and it would be no fun for her to travel on the aircraft (despite the lavish and lordly service of Ryan Air) and she would have had to leave home very early in the morning to look forward to a two-hour wait at the airport, etc. So I don't blame her, but I am sad that she's not coming - I was looking forward to her company (and she was bringing me a jar of Black & Greens Hot Chocolate drink). Not that the hot chocolate was uppermost in mind...

Anyway - get well soon, Joan,
and I look forward to seeing you around April time.

My Christmas Box

Yes, I know it's gone (Christmas, I mean) but I actually bought myself a Christmas Box - yesterday - at the garden centre in Confolens. It's real name is Sarcococca humilis, but I like to call it Christmas Box, especially as it is a present to me! It smells gorgeous. The flowers are tiny, almost insignificant, but they have a powerful scent.

I also bought a Daphne Odora Aureamarginata. This also has highly-scented flowers, but they are pink, opening to creamy-white in little clusters.

I'm keeping them in their pots until the ground warms up a bit.

I was shocked by the prices, though - about double what I would have paid in England!

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Debra in France said...

Really sorry that Joan isn't coming over, I was looking forward to meeting her. I am very envious of your lovely scented plants, but not envious at the prices! We'll get together for a knitting and chat session and watch Mama Mia. Debra x