Thursday, 15 January 2009

Limoges Shopping

Yesterday was Debra's birthday and she had some money to spend... today we went to Limoges.

We had a good day - first a delicious lunch then a look round the shops. Debra bought some tops and I bought a big bag made of Loden fabric and lined with mattress ticking material that the shopkeeper (who made all the stuff in the shop) said was antique.

Here's a happy Debra with her purchases:

Meanwhile Ian was working on the shop, taking down the partition walls and hardboard on the ceilings. I'm going tomorrow to take some pictures, so I'll blog them for you on Chez Penny.


Debra in France said...

I had such a brilliant day out with you, thank you for sharing my birthday. Ian was really happy to see that we had both had a good time in Limoges. I am still thinking about that delicious lunch and your fabulous bag. See you soon Debra xx


Glad you had a nice day out lunch and shopping what more could a girl ask for