Sunday, 29 March 2009

I'm a Lonely Little Petunia... an onion patch. Yes, an onion patch is what I've got - in my lawn.

Janet made the discovery the other week. She went out searching for some herbs and came back saying 'Ive never seen chives growing in a lawn before.' Turned out what she had found were onions - they're growing all over a particular part of the garden.

Considering I've been cutting the lawn regularly for two years now, it is pretty amazing. Anyway, I've mown round them now, and we'll see what develops. When I was at Chauvigny market yesterday they were selling 'oignons blanc' in bunches for planting in your potager, and they looked exactly like these. Here's a close-up of a single one:
It should develop into this:
So now I have a Potager...

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Jason Fist said...

Cool! Traditional French onion soup!