Saturday, 11 April 2009

Ostension in Le Dorat

I went into Le Dorat today to see if there was any info about parking for Sunday and Monday.

There wasn't.

However, I did see some people on horseback rehearsing - presumably for the town guard, and they said they would meet again in the square at 9 am tomorrow.

According to the Le Dorat web site, tomorrow (Sunday) is:
Dim 12 avril - 9h45 :
Présentation des Gardes, Mousquetaires et Sapeurs, Place Charles de Gaulle, Le Dorat
Dim 12 avril - 18h : Grand'Messe suivie du Défilé en Ville, Le Dorat
Dim 12 avril - 18h : Cérémonie de sortie des Châsses avec gardes et musique, Le Dorat

...which seems to translate as guards, musketeers and firemen. Not so sure about the musketeers...

I'm not sure I want to go in as early as 9.45, especially as the whole centre is barred to vehicles, so I'll probably have to park on the outskirts and make a long walk in - OK if it's not raining. (...and it's been raining most of today!)

But I was impressed with the decorations - all in red and green - which now include christmas trees as well as all the flags. Some people have decorated their railings and hedges with red and green flowers too. All in all I felt I ought to do my bit so I came home and made some little Ostension hearts to hang in the shop window.

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