Tuesday, 30 June 2009

It's Been Hot, Hot, Hot...

Well the weather forecast was right - it's been scorching over the last few days and tomorrow is predicted to be one degree hotter than today, at 31 degrees. There's been little or no breeze either, which has made it seem even hotter. However, Wednesday and Thursday will be stormy, they say, with thunderstorms.

I've been sitting in my cool kitchen (these thick-walled, stone-built houses come into their own in the summertime) crocheting catnip mice for an eco-friendly website called the Green Apple.

Here they are waiting to be parcelled up.

They went off in the post today, so I'd better get making some more for the Journée Artisanale in Le Dorat on 12th July. I've used up all the catnip I just dried, so I need to find what I had left from last time...

I'm searching through the boxes slowly!

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