Thursday, 30 July 2009

I've Mown The Lawn!

Finally - after about 3 weeks, I've mown the lawn. It's not that I'm completely bone idle (...sorry, I missed what you said - don't mutter...) just that my mower is in for repair. It broke a belt and, of course, the repair shop doesn't have the right one to replace it - no, not even now - a week and a half after I took it in for repair.

Anyway, Sue M lent me her little mower and I cut the lawn from this:

to this:

... a lot better!

Sue's mower only cuts half the width of mine, and the grass was very long, so it took me an hour and 40 minutes to cut it!!!!!! And I didn't bother with the grass box or I'd have been there till midnight! Looks lovely now though, and hopefully the weather will be too hot for it too grow any more for a while....

Chez Penny - The website

I've wasted spent most of this morning fiddling around with my cool-crochet website, since I've just changed the name to Chez Penny and had to make sure that it was all agreeing. I got a bit carried away and changed the font and the background and...well, you know how it - a whole morning gone. Anyway it was colder today and I actually had to change out of my shorts and into my jeans to be warm, so I wasn't sorry to be inside. The temperature was down to 12 according to France Météo, although it's back up this afternoon, now that the sun is shining!

So have a look at Chez Penny and tell me what you think...

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Christy said...

I like the new website. The look is great. Did you do it yourself?