Thursday, 2 July 2009


Today I finally finished a process I began some months ago Let me explain...

I discovered that it was quite easy to print from my inkjet onto fabric (actually I first did it about 3 years ago) and I printed out some images of old postcards, reduced in size, that I thought would make pretty pincushions. That was as far as I got - until today, when I found the printouts in a pile of papers on my desk (I'm not the tidiest of people). I decided I would have a go at a basic pincushion (for the Journée Artisanale) and it turned out pretty well! Here it is:

This image is a scan of a postcard that my daughter sent me some time ago, and I thought it was rather pretty. It makes a very attractive pincushion.

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Debra in France said...

wow, they look great! What a good idea to print onto fabric.