Saturday, 18 July 2009

Spirit of the Owl

Now I'm not a huge believer in spirits, ghosts and the like, although I do think there may be more to our existence than just the day-to-day grind, if we only knew how to tap into things.

But today I was at a pretty low ebb, and was wondering what life holds for me, and whether I actually had any future at all. I can't seem to settle to anything, and don't really know whether I should be here, back in England, or what. Everything seemed to be problematical and my life was a mess.

Then, this evening, just as dusk was falling, I heard the familiar call of the local owl (called a Chouette) - it's gentle 'Liverpool' call seeming amazingly close. I looked out of the window and there it was - perched on the top of my birdhouse (only put up for me a few weeks ago by Giles) - looking straight at me. I ran for my camera but had no expectation that it would remain there for me. But it did. Here is the picture (not too clear as I took it through the window).

It was amazing.

I have heard this owl calling ever since I came out here, so now I wonder if it's been looking after me all this time. Native Americans and other tribes believe in owl spirits, so maybe this one has been looking after me.

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