Friday, 4 December 2009

Winter Warmers

First I wanted to show you my cosy little corner in the kitchen. Shutters are closed as it's cold and it's dark, and you can see the pretty little rose I bought from the supermarket over a week ago - good value for 2 euro! It's scented too!

Secondly - I think I may have cracked it in the bread (machine) department. Jonathan (La Petite Fontaine) told me Lidl do a brilliant bread mix, so I went off and bought one of each variety available (3) and this is the Ciabatta. I haven't tried it yet, as it's still too hot, but it looks pretty good.

The other varieties were 'Paysan' and '...aux graines de tournesol' (sunflower seeds). At 85cents a 500g bag (makes 2 loaves) that's pretty reasonable.

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Jason Fist said...

Sweet little corner indeed. How was the bread in the end?