Friday, 1 January 2010

A Memorable New Year's Eve


I invited Duncan and Annie (near neighbours and friends of mine) to the party at La Petite Fontaine and we had a great time...

...even I got up and danced!

Keith the Hat was playing and we had Haggis with Neaps and Tatties, with a vegetarian version for me. (And very good it was too!)

At about 1 am we went to go home and found that Annie's coat was missing, although there was another similar coat on a nearby peg. Just a case of mistaken coat-dentity, we thought, but the snag was that Annie's house key was in the pocket of said missing coat! The neighbour who keeps a spare key was away in Paris, they thought, and when we drove to their village the neighbour's house was complete shuttered up. (Mind you - it was 2am by then.) So we went back to my house, phoned the insurance company's all-night line, had some tea and they slept in my spare room, getting to bed at about 3 am.

Duncan checked the house this morning and decided there was a small window he could remove, at the back of the house, so off we set with ladders and Annie, dressed in an old set of overalls, to get in through the (hopefully) resultant hole. Duncan got some tools from his shed (thankfully unlocked) and took out the window. Annie and I were walking round to the back of the house so she could squeeze through, when she noticed that the neighbour (she of the Spare Key) had unshuttered her front door and, therefore, must be home! She was successful in finding the key, and Duncan unlocked the front door with some ceremony! (And relief at not having to hand over 100 Euro to a locksmith!) A Happy Bunny.

picture taken earlier, of course!

A New Year they won't quickly forget!

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