Saturday, 13 February 2010


Sick Of Snow!!!!! The snow was still falling this morning and the garden still looked a lot like this.

Giles is arriving tomorrow. (As long as the trains are running, that is - and I can get outof the hamlet!) I did manage to get the car out today, fortunately, as I desperately needed shopping - especially wine for me and Giles.

You'll be glad to hear the workroom tidy-up has progressed well and is finished for the moment. It looks like this now.

I photomerged a couple of pictures to give a wide angle shot, but it's a bit of a weird shape...

... and maybe it's best not to see the right-hand side, which is still a bit of a mess.

I've tried to put like with like, but there's such a lot of things that don't fit into any category! Still, it's mainly sorted and I've even labelled the boxes so I can (hopefully) find things more easily. And the added bonus is that I can now sit in the room again, as the settees are clear!


Jason Fist said...

I say Bravo!

Joy said...

It's looking great and inspiring me to get my room cleaned up too! Organizing makes being creative much easier.