Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Easy Peasy Crochet Flowers

Another pattern for you!

Yesterday I made some flowers to decorate the tables in La Petite Fontaine, as theirs were getting decidedly tatty. I made these little crochet flowers and glued each one onto a rattan stick, so they could be put into little pots on the tables. Here's a picture of some of the flowers...

...I haven't glued these on to their sticks yet.

The sticks came from a rattan blind that I disassembled, and I cut the sticks into thirds of their length, using my secateurs! A very cheap way of doing things.

I first made the pattern a couple of years ago, and used long sticks, but for these latest ones I have cut even those sticks in half again, so the flowers can sit in tiny glass jars on the tables. I'll do a mock-up for you tomorrow, as the glue takes all night to set. Currently they are upside-down, setting.

You can use the flowers for all sorts of things, of course - I thought of sewing them together by one petal into one, long, strip and using them like the crochet bunting.

The pattern is available, FREE, from my Ravelry site, but you do have to be a member of Ravelry (it's Free!) to go there.


all kinds of everything said...

Cute flowers.
Thank you for the pattern.
Ravenly is a great site!

marigold jam said...

How pretty!