Sunday, 20 June 2010

From Blankets to Bags

Well, I haven't actually finished the granny blanket yet, but I have started on the new yarn...

In the meantime At the same time I have started an Attic24 bag with the leftovers from the ripple blanket.  Well - what else could I do - there are no charity shops here to give the leftovers to...

I have got over half-way with the bag, but it seems much bigger than I thought Lucy's was...

... and a bit floppy - but I'll line it, so that'll be OK.

I made the base as per instructions, but added a picot dc (UK terminology) row at the end of the increasing bit, to give definition to the bottom.  (Heaven knows I need definition to my bottom!).

So far I am very pleased with it, but next time (all those leftovers from the granny blanket) I'll do a rectangular base, I think.


allertadele said...

Thank you for your comments on my blog, its lovely to hear from you.
My Lucy bag is floppy too and I do love the edging on yours. I've nearly finished a second bag that I've done on a smaller hook which has a bit more stability, but its still nice being floppy.
I've been to your part of France, its beautiful. We come over quite often, looking to relocate and are hoping to check out the Midi Pyrenees later this year. But my heart so far still lies in your area.
And I'm looking forward to spending more time reading through your blog over the next couple of days.

handmadehappiness said...

this bag look's ace and i like the added bit at the base :)))

val said...

I love your blog! It always inspires me and I am happy to tell you that my Lucy bag was also floppy! But AlisonB2 made a smaller version. If you go to my blog you will see a link to hers.
I have just moved home .... and apparently I am not too far from Abingdon, so I may potter off and take a look at the yarn there for £1.25 a ball ... that is a good price.
Keep up the good work and blogging!! :0)
Val xx