Wednesday, 16 June 2010


This morning I was just about to go out when a huge lorry backed down the lane and parked just outside my house...

... so I decided to stay in for a while!

The commune are resurfacing my lane, because of a problem with run-off rainwater, apparently, but nobody told me it was going to happen!  When Jason and I got home from Le Dorat on Monday evening the lane had been scraped and the surface removed (mainly grass) and a big JCB parked in it.  I went and asked my neighbour opposite what was going on and she said they were resurfacing it.  The mayor then arrived and the contractor doing the job and a little conflab took place, although I was pretty well ignored (getting used to that now, out here).

The next evening, when Jason had gone back on the train and I came home, there were big piles of gravelly stuff in the lane in front of the JCB. I should have thought then, about moving the car this morning, but I didn't. The lorry tipped its load of more gravel and the contractor (Mr Texier) spread it out with the JCB.  When he had done that the lorry left and I rushed out and moved the car to the top of the road. At least I can get out now!

I'm off to the shop this afternoon and hope to get some painting done, although the weather is not good and I guess it will take ages to dry.  Again, No painting outside! Matt is coming this evening to take a look at the stairs, which appear to be parting company from the wall - a little worrying!

Still, overall lots has been done and I hope to open at the end of the month.  Just need to sort out my SIRET number and insurance!

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