Monday, 5 July 2010

Nest Building

I am the chosen one!  Remember the pigeon that nested on the stack pipe from the septic tank?  Well she's not the only one.  

Today there was a bird making a LOT of noise on my bird table, so I thought it was probably asking where the food was.  

When I went out to put the seed round the table, I could plainly see that the inside had been filled with dried grass - a nest in the making!
Now I'm not sure which bird has made this, but I'm sure I'll see her going in and out soon - if I haven't frightened her off taking pictures!

Incidentally the pigeon's back - having made another nest!  I tried to discourage her - I brushed the nest off twice from the top of my ladder - but she insists and seems to be sitting straight on to the plastic surface now!  Ah well!


Jason Fist said...

Right. We are getting spikes on that thing asap.

val said...

Oh! But it looks soooooooo cute! Hope pigeon isn't on the menu!
Val xx