Monday, 13 September 2010

Bernie's Visit

I've been tidying up (and that's out of my comfort zone!). Ready for tomorrow when I pick up some visitors from Limoges airport.

The visitors are Bernie (an ex-neighbour of my mother's, whom I last saw about 40 years ago) and her partner - whom I've never met.

So I've been dashing round like a mad thing.  Here's my workroom now...

...and here's the middle room.

It may not look too tidy to you (and I still hope to have time tomorrow morning to do a little at the last minute...) but it's a great improvement on what it was like only a few days ago!

Maybe one day I'll have the perfect house - decorated and tidy - but tomorrow won't be that day!


marigold jam said...

I'm sure it's you they want to see not your house and don't you always feel more comfortable visiting someone whose house isn't like a showcase? I know I do!


Floss said...

Once I decided that I wanted my house to look right for ME, not for my visitors, I got a lot more relaxed about the odd corners and muddles! I love the way you've posted photos of it - a comfortable, busy place, ready to welcome a guest. What more is needed?

MarmaladeRose said...

Is there such a thing as the perfect house? I think they should always look lived in not like show homes. Have a lovely time with your guests.