Sunday, 5 September 2010

French Nannie's Granny Flower Square Cushion

(French Nannie is what I'm called in England so Molly knows which Nannie is meant)

It's Sunday.  When people ask me tomorrow what I did this weekend, I can answer easily.  I designed a Granny square with an integral flower...

...published the design for free on Ravelry and then made one side of a cushion with it.

Doesn't butter any parsnips but hey, I enjoyed doing it.

And 50 people downloaded the free pattern today, so I guess they liked it too!


marigold jam said...

That's so pretty. Well spent Sunday I'd say!


Jenevieve said...

That's a lovely square! I really need to practice my crocheting so I can make such beauties as you've designed! Fantastic Sunday! :) x