Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Yes - the 20th day of the 10th month in 2010! 20.10.2010!

Must be unusual - I wonder how many times that happens in any one year - not more than once, I'm guessing.....  Not being a maths wizard or the kind of person who retains data on odd things or someone who immediately looks it up on Wikipedia, I really can't do more than just hazard a guess.

But it might be a lucky day for me...

Today Allison Neal (an estate agent) came round to assess, photograph and value the properties I am putting up for sale in France.  It took all day to do the three properties and I signed the mandates (instructions and agreements to sell).  She is hopeful of getting sales fairly quickly as we have agreed quite low prices.

I am selling the house I live in...

...the house at La Tache, near Adriers....

...and the shop at Le Dorat:
From the sale of all three I should just about get enough money for a small place in England!


marigold jam said...

How strange 20.10.2010 seems! Bon courage and good luck with your house sales. The pound/euro exchange is at least in your favour now. Hope you are as lucky as we were and that the prices in your chosen area in UK are also low as they are here.


Twiglet said...

Best of luck with the house sales. Hope you get all you wish for!


Good luck with your journey home
Sorry to hear your leaving France but i hope all goes well with sales and your time in England
Lots more time to spend with your grandchildren.
What a lovely christmas you will have with them.
Im sure you are exhausted speak soon Andrea