Friday, 17 December 2010

Some New Clothes

Mostly, the 'flu is a disadvantage, because your throat hurts, your head hurts ('most every bit of you hurts) and you feel like death is just around the corner.  But there is one tiny advantage in there, though you don't know it yet... lose your appetite.

And what happens when you lose your appetite?  You stop eating (except for Kiwi fruit and bananas).  And what happens when you stop eating?  


Yes, I know starvation isn't recommended for weight loss in fact, in the past, I've found that, if I stop eating, my body thinks there's a famine situation out there and IMMEDIATELY stops even THINKING about using up fat stores.

But this time, I noticed a dramatic difference. To be fair - I was already being careful with my diet and watching what I ate, and my jeans were already several inches too loose around the waist...  but that's just jeans, I thought - treacherous things - you fight to get in them after they've been washed, and by that evening they're looser than a very loose thing.  But, in the Charity Shop, I tried on some size 14 jeans and, guess what, they fitted!  Whaahoooo! Today I tried on two skirts in size 14 and both fitted.  Actually I tried on 3 skirts, all size 14, but the third was TOO BIG!!!!!  I had bought the skirts and was leaving the shop when I saw a size 12 long wool and cashmere coat on a mannequin.  I just had to go back and try it.  It was GORGEOUS and fits beautifully. Of course, I had to have it!

Would you like to see them?

Here are the skirts...

Taffeta skirt by Oasis

Grey_brown Per Una skirt

...and finally, the coat.

Debenhams Nuages Coat

As I walked home with my new wardrobe, I pictured wearing the skirts over Christmas and realised....

....what do I wear with them??????

All my shoes are still in France, pretty well all my tops (including that glitzy gold sequinned one I paid over £50 for about 10 years ago, and swear never to wear again every time I wear it).  Warm tights and flat shoes are OK for the Per Una skirt, but the taffeta one definitely needs something with a little bling.

Oh how true is this thought from Edward Monkton...


Twiglet said...

Brilliant bargains - well done you. I love the final message - so true!!

marigold jam said...

Congratulations on the weight loss if you felt you needed to lose an inch or so. Lucky you to find things in the CS that you lied and that fitted. Perhaps you could knit a top to go with the skirt? Keep you out of the kitchen at least!

Love the cartoon at the end - so true.


Teacups and Tiskets said...

Hi Violet,
I really like the cut of the grey skirt.
I find that cut to be very flattering to my shape.

congratulations on the weight loss - most people put it on at Christmas!