Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Claws of the Lion

We are still in the grips of that March Lion here - the weather being literally freezing overnight, although the sun in the day is warm if you can find a sheltered place!

I did a little table-top sale at a Church Coffee Morning today, but it was not well attended, and I only sold a little.  I thought I had not done too badly until I remembered that £20 of the cash was the float!  Still, the next one, on April 2nd, has more potential as it is before both Mother's Day and Easter, with the potential to sell presents for both!   Here are some pictures of my stall...

Table 1

Table left

Table right

Everyone remarked on the cakes, but I didn't sell a single one!!!


marigold jam said...

Sorry you didn't make a great profit. It's the recession biting - I heard a stall holder at a flea market I went to last weekend saying that although there were plenty of people looking they just weren't buying so you are not alone. It all looks very attractive though and I guess it is a way of making new friends as well so not all is lost.


Twiglet said...

Your stall looked lovely. It is surprising what sells and what doesn't. It doesn't stop us making stuff tho does it!!!!
Have you signed up for our blog shop give-away?

Fee xxx said...

Penny your stall looks wonderful !!
I wish we had such lovely table top sales near me, I wouldnt know what to buy first !! :-)
Hugs Fee xx

Maria said...

Your stall looks brill, what a shame you did not do better, love your Granny stripe blanket, I have two more stripes to do on mine and then I can go on to the border, so close !

Teacups and Tiskets said...


That stall is too good for words.

If I had been there, I would have been making more than a few purchases.

You have such a wonderful eye for putting these things together.


sukigirl said...

Your table looks wonderful...I love your tea cosies...very cute. I also spotted your pretty sachets and then realized I'd seen them before. Turns out I had favourited them on Ravelry. I hadn't realized that this blog (which I read through google reader) belonged to the same person who was on Ravelry. LOL!
take care...sukigirl