Monday, 14 March 2011

Selling Up

Only 6 weeks now until I go back to France.  I don't want to go - leaving my family here will be very difficult, but I have to sell the properties out there, 

Back of house in evening
The house that I live in

Front -good
A house I bought as an investment

Shop with geraniums
The shop and living accommodation in Le Dorat

... or rent them out, so I can come back here and settle permanently.

When I came back to England, in November last year, I brought all sorts of stuff with me that I thought I might need to keep me occupied, and most of it has just sat around in cupboards.  

cupboardful of stuff

Some things I have bought since I came here, because I just couldn't resist after all those years without charity shops and antique centres, such as this unfinished tapestry cushion ...

Needlepoint cushion on frame

...and then there's these antique curtain rings which I gave my daughter many years ago, when she had a big old curtain pole, and she's now given back to me!  

Curtain rings

She thought they might be useful in the Le Dorat shop where there are pine curtain poles at every window, but no curtain rings!  Unfortunately they are much too big, and the wrong colour, and 10 would never be enough....

Curtain rings, close up for sale they go!

It's going to cost me a fortune just to buy enough boxes to store everything in until I come back, so I've decided to try and sell some of it on ETSY.

I have boxes full of beautiful yarn...

Box of sock yarns

mostly hand-dyed (not by me)...

Spinning Bunny Blueberry Patch

lots of old lace...

pile of lace

...all kinds of old sewing impedimenta...

wicker sewing box

 ...and I think most of it all has to go!

As I put it up for sale, I'll link to it here, so watch this space and get yourself a bargain!


Elizabethd said...

We too are trying to sell, but property in France is very difficult. Have you put yours on Le Bon Coin website?

marigold jam said...

Good luck with the sale of your properties and come back soon! I realise we were so very lucky to be able to sell our French house so quickly. I would be like a kid in a sweetie shop if I saw all that lovely yarn, lace and bits and bobs so will definitely keep an eye on your blog for some of those!

Teacups and Tiskets said...

Hi Penny,

Bon chance in France, and bon voyage (thats about all the french I know).

The properties look brilliant. Someone would be lucky to get them.


Joy said...

have you put the lace up for sale yet? I'm interested in that.