Monday, 21 March 2011

Weekend Knitting

This weekend (Saturday night and Sunday), I busied myself with knitting a cardigan for Max in some lovely yarn I got last week from C&H Fabrics in Winchester.  It is Skye, from WENDY, in a shade I had been coveting for a while...

I decided to use this pattern, which called for the wool being used double so I knew it would knit up quickly.  It was also top-down, so there was very little sewing-up - a definite bonus!  

Max's cardi - finished

I decided to leave off the hood, and make a hat instead.  I chose Barbara Prime's pattern for the Owl Tuque, but left off the buttons, as I thought it might be too much of a problem to make sure the 'owl' was always at the front!

owl tuque

Unfortunately I neglected to check the sizes on the pattern, and simply made the first size.  When I checked (after it was finished) I found that this was for a new-born!  Never mind, I'll make him another with the rest of the wool, but maybe not knit it when I'm tired, late at night!

EDITED to add this photo of the second attempt!

Owl Tuque 2'll see I decided on the owls after all - I did all of them, so there's no problem about which bit faces front!


Wipso said...

What fab yarn. Lovely little jacket.
A x

Wipso said...

Oh how lovely. Those owls are so cute. :-)
A x

Joy said...

I think it is very sweet and cute.