Friday, 1 April 2011

The Magic Roundabout

Seems like my Daisy is on a Magic Roundabout - in 2 days there have been over 200 downloads! Must be Spring!

Not that the weather bears that out, it's been a bit rainy here over the last few days.  However, that didn't stop me going to a fabulous woolshop in Farnham, Surrey, that is a veritable Aladdin's Cave.  It's called The Interknit Cafe, which I thought was quite a poor name, as there is an ACTUAL Internet cafe just across the road! The website doesn't do them justice either; not easy to navigate and no pictures of the glorious interior with all the 'to die for' yarn.

Here's the site anyway...

...but best visit in person!

As for the Magic Roundabout - I am a sucker for Charity shops, having been deprived of them for so long, and so I did the rounds in Farnham.  I found a small pair of curtains in the Magic Roundabout design...

Magic Roundabout

...which I have already taken apart and washed, so I can use the material for bags and cushions.  The lining I have cut up into pieces and overlocked for dusters.  Since I cannot use my table for sewing (there are no plug sockets within reach) I used the overlocker on the kitchen surface!

Stitchin' in the kitchen

Teacosy and Socks

I am currently working on designing an 'ocean' teacosy...

Ocean teacosy

...and some more socks for Max...

sock wool from Farnham in progress

...with this yarn from the Farnham shop...

sock wool from Farnham

It's an easy pattern, and doesn't feel scratchy.

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Wipso said...

Hehehe sorry for that :-) What I should have asked for is huge shoe horns and lots of help to squeeze me into it :-) If you even imagined it a slight possibility it is obvious you have never seen me :-) I've lost a stone in weight but have to admit there are still many more to loose :-)
Love your magic round about fabric. What a great find.
A x