Monday, 20 June 2011

A Cosy Nook by a Babbling Brook...

I wish.... babbling brook here - still pulling up water from the well to stop the garden from becoming a desert!

A professional has painted the top of the stairs today - hooray! So nice to have it all done.

stairs painted

He also cleared a nettle/weed patch in the garden...

cleared ground

I need to make sure the weeds don't grow back again!

While he was doing that, I was (once again) employed on preparing and painting shutters.  I prepared and undercoated two big ones  (the kitchen window) in situ as they were too heavy too lift off and then took one off the middle room window.  These shutters are really bad, with the paint mostly fallen off and the wood not in very good condition. However, they are saveable, I think and will certainly look a lot better painted.

Once I had cleaned up, I moved the sofa into this middle room, as this is where Tor will sleep next week and the fire is being moved in here soon too, so it will be a really cosy room in the winter.  Also, the heat from the wood burner will go upstairs and help to heat the bedrooms, so it's a win/win situation!

Sofa in

Maybe I'll get a chance to do a little more on my socks tonight...

Fyberspates socks

...they're nearly finished!


Fiona said...

You really are working very hard! I bet your figure is looking great! Best form of exercise, when you can see something at the end of it, for your work.

Im envious of your sock knitting abiility....


Joy said...

Oh, I do love your room. So cozy and comfy looking. Love the art work on the wall above your desk. And I suppose that is where you sit and do your blog... you are such a creative lady! And that painted cieling looks very fresh and nice. He did a good job.