Monday, 27 June 2011

The Modern Housewife

OK - I thought it was hot enough yesterday, but today, apparently, it is 38º!  I'm working inside again, in the cool.

Apart from sorting out my workroom, I have been bringing in the last few boxes of books that have been stored for the past four years.  It is like browsing a bookshop - but better, because all the books are already yours!  Discovering old friends - some VERY old, such as this book, which I had a new spine put on to in England, as I thought it was such a great book.

The Modern Housewife's Book

How things have changed!  And people too...  This advert shows a 'grannie' - who now looks like something out of Dickens!

live better

I am a granny, and (I HOPE) I don't look or dress like that! Even Miss Marple looked more up-to-date than this lady!

The rooms too, look like something so far back in time you would not believe it...

Kitchens are Important

...a description of the bottom picture on the left says...'Every inch of space is made use of in this tiny, modern kitchen...'

There is no publishing date to give a hint to the era of this book, but surely it must have been between the wars?  It consists of a collection of 6 of Aunt Kate's books although, for the most part, it is concerned with cookery.

Aunt Kate's Cookery Book

The kitchen shown on this page is quite close to modern IKEA or G-Plan, I think!

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