Friday, 8 July 2011

Felt the Need... do some felting!

I've never made felt before, but after looking at a few videos on You Tube, I thought I might manage it.  I bought some fleece and had more-or-less the necessary equipment, and this is my first attempt!

First Felt

Not earth-shattering (quite physical work though) but at least it was successful in that I started off with fleece and ended up with felt.

What to make with it now...?


Heldasland said...

I have had a go myself I made a lovely piece of felt which I lined and made it into a crochet hook purse.I agree it really is hard work.I have decided never to do it again.

Claire said...

Well done, nice colours you used........

Guess it's like everything else, just takes practice. Always good to learn new skills. Will you have another go?

I have made a couple of pieces and found it hard on my wrists all that rolling etc.

Claire :}