Monday, 28 November 2011

Auto Update

Automobile, that is.

I rang the garage this afternoon and they told me they have ordered a part which should arrive later today.  The lady said there was not a major problem, so I feel sure they have not been told about the oil warning light and buzzer...  Anyway, I'll find out more when I ring back later, I hope.  My guess is the order is for a new oil filter.  There just hasn't been time for them to explore anything else.  So difficult when you are not fluent in the language!

So, I've been moping about, wondering how much this is going to cost and knitting hats.  I've also designed a star in crochet, and the pattern is on my Ravelry page.

White Puff st crochet star
Puff st crochet star

I rather like the 'star-within-a-star' look of the puff stitch centre.

Those Knitted Hats

Here's a couple of pictures...

hats with flowers

big flower on blue_cream hat

My problem with hats is that I have a small head, so it's no good trying them on myself - I just have to hope they will fit the buyer (Hope there IS a buyer).


Elizabethd said...

I do hope you get your car back soon and it isnt too expensive. I guess you are under UK insurance now, so no chance of a courtesy car from the garage.

quilterliz said...

G'day penny. Good luck with your car. Your stars are lovely and I do like the hats.Take care. Liz...

Claire said...

Fingers crossed that it's nothing more than an oil filter and you are back on the road ASAP.

Love the crocheted star, obviously it's very popular. The green and red star is a very effective colour combo

I hope your hats find new homes very soon, they look lovely too.

Sunny day here heading for 34 deg. so sunhat will be needed when I step outside.

Claire :}