Thursday, 10 November 2011


Penny'pedia: getting the shop ready to open..

Lunch with some friends and, afterwards, working in the shop with Viv, getting boxes down from the attic.

shop frontage 2

This is what it looked like last summer and now I'm going to get it ready for Christmas.  No-one celebrates Christmas here like they do in England (as far as I can see), but I'm hoping to make Chez Penny a beacon in the darkness.  It was dark when I finished today, so no pictures, I'm afraid, but next time I'll take some.  Check the Chez Penny website for future news...

Ivy Wreaths

I thought you might like to see the wreaths I make from ivy...

Ivy wreaths3

I simply pull down the ivy - as long lengths as I can get - and then make it into a wreath.  I usually take 2 lengths of ivy and twist them into a circle.  I use the rest of the lengths, or join in a new length, and twist around the original pieces to hold them in place. I don't use string or anything to hold things in place, as the ivy lengths are very pliable and usually hold well.  I tuck the ends in to secure them.  Then I hang them on my airer to dry off for a week or so.

Ivy wreaths

When the leaves are all dry I simply rub my hands over the wreath to get the leaves off.  After this I either use the dried wreaths as they are, or decorate them.


Anonymous said...

They're great Penny and a very good idea. Wreaths are so expensive to buy and often quite tacky.
Please be careful as Ivy can irritate some peoples skin. I work with plants and so know this to be true.
Take care and good luck with everything.
Jill x

Pearly Queen said...

That's good to know Jill. Fortunately it doesn't seem to affect me and by the time I use the wreaths, all the leaves are gone.

Evelyn said...

I love home-made wreaths and yours are lovely. Looking forward to seeing photos of your Christmas-cheery shop.