Sunday, 18 December 2011

BBC Radio 4

I have been trying to listen to Radio 4 for some months now.  Every time, the little window of Radio Player appears and tells me that it is loading...  loading...  loading.... but nothing happens after that.

Finally I have discovered that the problem is to do with my browser (Google Chrome).  Not that I know WHAT the problem is - or how to solve it, as it seems impossible to communicate with anyone.

SO... I've downloaded the latest version of Mozilla Firefox and am using that now. SUCCESSFULLY !!!!!  Phew.

So I was able to listen to Desert Island Discs this afternoon, with the guest being Julian Fellowes, and I enjoyed it very much.

I used to teach this stuff many moons ago, so how frustrating must it be for someone who doesn't understand it at all?  So many promises of good stuff and so hard to find out why it doesn't work.  (Yes, I know, Jason - I should get a Mac...)


Stocki said...

OH my goodness...where would I be without Radio 4?! Glad to managed to sort it out...blooming technology eh? :)x

Jason Fist said...

I'd be very surprised if all users of Chrome were incapable of listening to the iPlayer.

Must be something else. I'll have a look sometime...