Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Cath Kidston

As you saw in my previous post, I washed my bed linen today - the yellow sheet and flowery duvet set blowing in the breeze - and I replaced it with my new Cath Kidston set, bought at Bicester VIllage in the Midlands of England on my last visit. 

Cath Kidston duvet cover

 You will note that I called it a SET (which I thought it was until I unwrapped it today) and that, I thought, would include a couple of pillowcases.  But no, just the duvet cover.  You would think that dear, sweet Cath, beloved of yummy mummies everywhere, could afford to throw in a couple of pillowcases with the duvet cover. Surely professional pride would forbid that she pictured beds dressed in her signature flowery patterned linens without matching pillowcases.. that would not be quite 'comme il faut...' It seems she is worth about £25 million.  But I suppose she might not be worth that much if she sold her goods at affordable prices!

But worry not - I bought the duvet cover at a SALE price (still not cheap) and I can still buy 2 matching pillowcases for merely HALF the price I paid for the duvet cover.  A real bargain - n'est pas?

CK pillowcase

Incidentally, I have teamed the duvet cover with a pale blue sheet and pillowcases. I also have a 'lookalike' bag that I bought in London for a fraction of the price CK charges, and I don't feel the least little bit of remorse!


Carol said...

I've noticed that (i.e. no pillowcases), not that I've bought any of her duvet covers. My last set looks very CK, was £7.50from Tesco, including 2 pillowcases. I do like her things, and have some, but only usually buy in the sale.
Carol xx

Elizabethd said...

So is that really a 'set'? Naughty Cath.
But how beautiful it is!