Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Crazy Paving

I have not been myself today. I don't know who I have been, but not me - this alter ego has been happily working in the garden ALL DAY!  Not me at all!

I spent most of the time making this 'crazy paving' in front of my bench...

Crazy paving

Using the stones from here...

Ex-sculpture garden

...which used to be a sculpture garden based around some old tree roots.  However, the tree roots deayed and the sculpture garden became a 'has been'!

Ironically, the stones originally came from over by the bench, as they formed a path to the outside loo, which was the only toilet, from the house.  When I came I had mains water installed and bathrooms and toilets put in so the outside toilet became defunct.  The little shed it was in now houses my lawn mower!  This is what the toilet looked like...

toilet distant

...I remember well using a bucket in the middle of the night...

Mother Bunny

I have been working indoors on this pattern from Dollytime.  It is called Mother Bunny.

So far, I have done the body and head, and the shoes are waiting to be attached to the legs...

Mother rabbit, armless

She is pretty cute already!

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