Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Rose Red

I put so many flowers on this teacosy that there was no room left to sew on the handle without it looking odd! So I left it off, and it'll go on the next one I make in this colour!

Red flower Teacosy 1

Red flower Teacosy 2

I thought of these flowers as poppies but, after I made them, they looked more like carnations, so I have created another design which DOES look like a poppy!  (Haven't made that one up yet!)

In this teacosy I tried a different technique and, instead of sewing on i-cord for the rim of the basket, I knitted some rows then folded and sewed them.  It was not as good, I don't think, as it was very firm and made the teacosy difficult to shape.  I still like this teacosy though, but the i-cord is easier to use.


Annie said...

Oh that's so pretty Penny...just a shame I'm not a tea drinker :-)
A x

Michelle said...

Just gorgeous...
I am "loving" tea cozy's too...